Pre-Post Care

Waxing Pre-Care

  • Hair length must be approximately ¼ inch (grain of rice) in length for optimal removal.
  • Exfoliate the night before. Use a brush, mitt, loofah, and/or body scrub. This will help loosen ingrown hairs for a better waxing outcome.
  • Taking a warm bath the night before can help soften the skin for ease in removal.
  • Avoid applying oils and/or lotions before your appointment.
  • Let your esthetician know if you are using any products with retinol or other skin treatments before waxing. Some over the counter body washes can create a reaction with wax, too. (Some Olay/Dove body washes now contain retinol)

Waxing Post-Care

  • Avoid any activity that creates sweating, hot tubs, saunas, pools, baths, intimacy, etc. for 24 hours after being waxed.
  • Exfoliate area 48 hours post wax and on a routine basis (every 3-4 days).
  • Using a hand mitt (with light pressure) on the waxing area 3-4 days per week is highly recommended. This will extend the results of the wax, remove bumps, and keep the skin smooth.
  • Use a targeted treatment product that contains active ingredients such as salicylic acid to reduce ingrown. We sell several options. (Products like this should be used every other day at first to ensure the skin is not irritated).
  • Rebook your waxing service every 3-4 weeks, though depending on unique hair growth, you may need more or less frequent services.
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