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What is a Brazilian?

Wax is applied to the entire pubic bone, genitalia, and backside (anus and between the cheeks) from front to back which removes all pubic hair. The wax pulls the dead skin and hair from the follicle.

Does a Brazilian hurt?

The initial Brazilian is typically more painful than subsequent Brazilians so long as shaving with a razor does not take place in-between. The sensitivity doesn’t generally last long, very similar to the discomfort felt when a band aid is removed quickly. Guests often enjoy the V-Steam and V-Mask after treatment to cool and soothe the skin.

Does getting a Brazilian cause bleeding?

Individuals may notice small droplets, especially if hair is really strong and/or thick. In most cases, this is very brief and a cool compress can further reduce and minimize this.

How long does a Brazilian take?

It’s quite fast. If it’s your first Brazilian, the process is deliberately slowed down, between 15-30 minutes. Typically a hard/soft wax Brazilian takes approximately 15 minutes while a sugaring Brazilian typically takes 30 minutes. With continued visits, our Brazilians can be done in as little as seven minutes but is dependent on length of hair and tolerance of quick process for the guest. TIP: Trimming long public hair before coming in for the Brazilian appointment will result in less breakage of the hair which is less painful and a much quicker experience.

How long will the results of the Brazilian last?

It depends on the individual’s hair growth pattern but for most, 3-4 weeks. For those with quicker hair regrowth, we offer an unlimited monthly Brazilian package or clients can get a second Brazilian treatment within the same month for 50% off the standard fee for service.

Is it safe to have a Brazilian while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, though you should always consult your doctor first.

What if I'm on my "cycle"?

No worries! So long as a feminine product is used, it’s not an issue though some women may experience more pain.

Is there anything I need to do before or after getting a Brazilian?

Yes. Exfoliation the day before or same day of service will result in better hair removal. Avoid using lotions or oils the day of your wax because they may interfere with properties of our wax which can result in a more difficult hair removal process.

After the Brazilian treatment, avoid heavy sweating, swimming/hot tubs, and intercourse for 24 hours because the skin pores will be open which could lead to skin irritation and/or bacterial infection.

What is a manzilian?

The male version of a Brazilian. Wax or sugar is applied to the entire pubic bone, genitalia, scrotum (age dependent), and backside (anus and between the cheeks) from front to back which removes all public hair. If using the soft wax, dead skin and hair from the follicle will also be removed with one application per waxed skin surface. Sugar is appropriate for men with sensitive skin. Men often enjoy the Steam and Mask after treatments as much as their female counterparts.

What is a V-Mask?

A V-Mask is a hydro jelly mask applied to the Brazilian area to even out skin tone, kill bacteria, brighten the skin or improve many adverse skin conditions. We have a variety of hydrojelly masks from which to choose. The masks stay on the skin for approximately 15 minutes.

What is steam used for with the v-mask?

The steam process mirrors the steaming portion of facial. A water infused steaming device is placed approximately 18” above the genital area which results in the opening of pores which promotes circulation loosening the build-up of bacteria and/or blackheads. This treatment improves penetration of the mask into the skin cells.

Why get the V-Mask and steam?

Clients love it! They typically find this combo treatment immediately relaxing and soothing following an intimate wax.

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