Permanent Makeup

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Permanent Makeup

Lip Blushing $650
Lip Contouring $500
Permanent Eye Liner $450
Microblading* $240 & up*
Microblading color boost/retouch $240
Microblading correction $580
Combo Brow/ Blade & Shade* $290 & up*
Combo Brow/ Blade & Shade color boost/retouch $290
Combo Brow/ Blade & Shade Correction $680
Nano Brow* $340 & up*
Nano Brow Color Boost/Retouch $340
Nano Brow Correction $780
PMU Brow Removal $150/session

* First time permanent makeup for brows is typically a two-step process.

Book Virtual Consultation

Permanent Makeup requires an initial virtual consultation. The consultation fee is $25 and will be applied towards the cost of the service.

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