The Complete Guide to Waxing Facial Hair

The Complete Guide to Waxing Facial Hair

The Complete Guide to Waxing Facial Hair


Facial hair growth is a natural process for both men and women. While most men are encouraged to sport a beard or mustache, women usually opt for smooth, hair-free skin on their faces. Facial hair removal, therefore, has become an important part of many women's grooming routine. While there are various methods of removing facial hair, waxing is one of the most long-lasting and effective methods used. In this blog, we will cover everything you need to know about waxing facial hair.


1. Types of Wax

There are generally three types of wax used for hair removal – hard wax, soft wax, and sugar wax. Hard wax is gentler on the skin and is perfect for those with sensitive skin, while soft wax is used for larger areas like legs and arms. Sugar wax is an all-natural alternative that is made with sugar and lemon juice.

2. Preparation

Before getting a facial wax, it's important to prepare the skin for the treatment. Avoid using any exfoliating skincare products for at least 24 hours prior to the wax. It's also advisable to take some ibuprofen about 30 minutes before the wax to alleviate any pain.

3. Aftercare

After the wax, you can expect some redness and soreness on the skin. Applying a cooling gel or aloe vera directly after the wax can help reducing redness and any discomfort. Avoid using any harsh skincare products, sun exposure or hot showers on your skin for at least 24 hours post-wax.

4. Maintenance

Waxing is a long-lasting hair removal method, but it requires maintenance. You can expect hair regrowth in about 2-3 weeks, after which you can refresh your wax. Make sure you stay consistent with your waxing schedule to get the best results. As you continue with waxing your facial hair, the hair growth will reduce, and your skin will become smoother.

5. Waxing At Home

While it's advisable to get professional facial waxing done by a certified esthetician at a salon, you can also wax at home with the right tools and technique. Make sure you follow the instructions on the wax kit to ensure proper and safe usage.



Waxing facial hair is an effective and long-lasting method of hair removal. With proper preparation, aftercare, and maintenance, you can expect smooth and hair-free skin for weeks. However, it's important to follow the right procedure and technique, and if you're unsure, it's always best to get it done by a professional. At Platinum Gold Aesthetics, our team of expert estheticians is here to provide you with a range of waxing services, including facial hair waxing. If you're considering a face wax in Lake Mary, FL, don't hesitate to book your appointment with us today and enjoy a long-lasting, smooth, and beautiful face.

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