Tips To Consider Before Getting Your Eyebrows Done

Tips To Consider Before Getting Your Eyebrows Done

Tips To Consider Before Getting Your Eyebrows Done


Microblading, a semi-permanent tattoo technique for eyebrows, has been all the rage lately. It offers a solution for those with sparse, thin, uneven, or patchy brows, allowing them to achieve a fuller, more defined, and natural-looking brow. However, while it seems like a miracle solution, it's not entirely foolproof. There have been cases of microblading disasters, where clients end up with asymmetrical, overdone, or even infection-prone eyebrows. In this blog, we'll look at some tips to consider before getting your eyebrows done to avoid such mishaps.


1. Do Your Research

Before choosing a microblading artist or salon, do your research beforehand. Look up online reviews, photos of their work, and their qualifications and certifications. Also, check out their sterilization and hygiene practices to ensure that they follow the industry standards to a tee. Don't hesitate to ask any questions or concerns you may have. A reputable and skilled microblading artist would be happy to answer them and provide you with references or before and after shots of their previous clients.

2. Be Realistic and Communicate

Don't go into your microblading appointment with unrealistic expectations. Microblading can only do so much, and your brows' natural shape and volume will influence the results. Be honest with your microblading artist about what you want and what you don't like. They can help you determine what brow shape and color best suits your face and skin. Remember, communication is key in getting the result you want, and you should never feel pressured into anything you're not comfortable with.

3. Know What To Expect During and After Microblading

During the microblading procedure, you're likely to experience some mild discomfort, but it's not usually unbearable. The artist will use a numbing cream to reduce pain and draw individual strokes to mimic the look of natural brows. After the appointment, you must follow the aftercare instructions to avoid any potential complications. Avoid direct sunlight, swimming, or touching your brows until they've fully healed.

4. Avoid Bargain Deals

It's tempting to choose a microblading artist or salon based on price or offers, but remember, you get what you pay for. Skilled and reputable microblading artists charge a premium for their services because they invest in high-quality products, tools, training, and licensing. Bargain deals or discounts may indicate that the salon or artist cuts corners, using cheap products, or lacks experience, leading to subpar results and potential health hazards.



In conclusion, microblading can be an excellent way to enhance your eyebrow game, but it's not a decision to take lightly. It would be best if you considered several factors before committing to the procedure to avoid a microblading disaster. Doing your research, communicating effectively with your microblading artist, and adhering to proper aftercare instructions are essential to getting the best results. So, take your time, choose a skilled and reputable professional, and get ready to enjoy natural-looking, fuller brows. If you're considering to try microblading in Lake Mary, FL, contact Platinum Gold Aesthetics today to book an appointment.

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