Post-Waxing Aftercare Advice: Do's and Don'ts

Post-Waxing Aftercare Advice: Do's and Don'ts

Post-Waxing Aftercare Advice: Do's and Don'ts


Waxing is a popular hair removal method that can be used to remove unwanted hair from the face, arms, legs, underarms, bikini area and other areas of the body. While waxing is a great way to remove excess hair, it’s important to follow proper aftercare steps to ensure your skin stays healthy and free of irritation. Here are some do's and don'ts for post-waxing care.

Do Follow Up With Moisturizer

Once you’ve finished your waxing session, it’s important to follow up with a moisturizer that includes SPF. This will help keep the skin hydrated while protecting it from sun damage. Applying a light layer of moisturizer will also help protect the skin from bacteria and other environmental hazards that can cause irritation after waxing. To ensure maximum protection, use an oil-free moisturizer on freshly waxed areas.

Don't Exfoliate Immediately After Waxing

It can be tempting to exfoliate immediately after waxing in order to get rid of any remaining dead skin cells or residue left behind by the wax strips. However, this should be avoided as exfoliating too soon can irritate the freshly waxed area and make it more vulnerable to bacteria or other external factors. Wait at least two hours before exfoliating so that your skin has had enough time to heal itself properly.

Do Use Ice Pack If Necessary

If you experience discomfort or redness after waxing, you may want to apply an ice pack or cold compress on the affected area for a few minutes. This will help reduce inflammation and swelling while also providing relief for any itching or burning sensations you may have experienced due to the waxing process. Be sure not to leave an ice pack on for too long - just long enough for you to get some relief from any discomfort or redness in the area.                                                                                                         

Don't Wear Tight Clothing

It’s important to avoid tight clothing immediately after waxing since this can further irritate already sensitive skin which could lead to infection or prolonged inflammation. Instead, opt for loose clothing made out of natural fabrics such as cotton which will allow your skin breathe better without causing any additional friction or irritation in the newly-waxed area. Avoid wearing clothes made out of synthetic fabrics like polyester as these materials tend to trap heat and moisture close against your body which could lead to further discomfort post-waxing session   .                                                                                                 


Taking proper care of your skin is essential when it comes to ensuring its health post-waxing session. Following these do's and don'ts when it comes post-wax care will help keep your newly-waxed skin healthy while avoiding potential irritation or infection caused by improper care techniques! If you're looking for quality Brazilian wax services in Lake Mary, FL contact Platinum Gold Aesthetics today! Our experienced professionals will provide you with top notch results every time! Book an appointment now!`;

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