A Guide to Your Waxing Appointment

A Guide to Your Waxing Appointment

A Guide to Your Waxing Appointment


Waxing appointments are a great way to maintain your personal hygiene and grooming. But, before you book your next appointment at a salon, here are a few things that you should know. Proper knowledge and guidance can help make your waxing appointment successful and pain-free. In this post, we’ll discuss some facts and information about waxing that you need to know to have the best possible experience.


1. Hair Length Matters

Before your appointment, ensure that you have allowed your hair to grow to the ideal length to get the smoothest results. Your hair should be at least a quarter-inch long. If your hair length is shorter than that, it can be challenging to wax the hair follicles properly. On the other hand, if your hair is too long, it can lead to increased pain and discomfort during the appointment.

2. Exfoliate Before Your Appointment

Exfoliating your skin a day or two before your appointment can help give amazing results. This helps to remove the dead skin cells, dirt, and oils on your skin, and prevent ingrown hairs. Exfoliating helps to unclog hair follicles and reduce the risk of developing ingrown hairs. Ensure that applied exfoliation products do not contain any oils, as the presence of oil could interfere with the wax application.

3. Avoid Sun Exposure and Hot Showers

Sun exposure or hot showers before your waxing appointment could make your skin more sensitive, which could lead to more discomfort and pain when waxing. Sunburn, peeling skin, and sensitive skin could increase the likelihood of skin wrinkling, bleeding, and hyperpigmentation after waxing. So, avoid sun exposure for at least 24 hours before your appointment and avoid hot showers for at least two hours before your appointment.

4. Inform Your Esthetician Of Any Changes In Your Health and Medications

If you start taking any new medicines or experience changes in your health before your appointment, let your esthetician know ahead of time. There are some medications and some health conditions that are contraindications to waxing. It’s essential to let your esthetician know of any changes in your health or medications to ensure your safety.

5. Aftercare Is Essential

Aftercare products are part of the successful waxing process. Your skin may be susceptible to irritation or breakout after waxing, so it’s essential to use the recommended aftercare products to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Avoid exposure to the sun, hot water, swimming, or workouts for 24 to 48 hours after waxing. Keep the skin well moisturized, but avoid applying lotions with perfumes or harsh chemicals.



Before booking your next waxing appointment, ensure you’re properly prepared. Follow our tips to help make your appointment a success. If you have any questions, reach out to your salon before your appointment. By taking the right steps towards preparing, you can ensure you'll get the best and pain-free results. Good luck with your next waxing appointment! If you're planning to have a brazilian wax in Lake Mary, FL, contact Platinum Gold Aesthetics today to book an appointment.

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